Ashanti Flag The Ntaheras of Ashanti
Nana Yeboah Kordie, I (King Kordie, I)
Nana Akua Afriyiye (Queen Sheila Newton Kordie)
Republic of  Ghana Flag

Born as Kim Kathleen in Seoul, at the end of the Korean War, given up by her Birth Mother at the age of 4, Kim lost all ties with her family, her home and her country as she journeyed to the United States to join her new American adoptive family. She was renamed Sheila and lived with them for almost three years in Los Angeles, California, when complications arose. Sheila was readopted into a new family where she remained until attending college.

She eventually married and had two beautiful daughters, earned a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, became licensed and worked to help people coping with HIV & AIDS. She later divorced, concentrated on raising her daughters and built up her private practice.

Five years later, she met Yeboah Kordie, a native of Ghana, West Africa, a father of 6, a former professional Ghanaian soccer player, an international pharmaceutical marketing expert, and a California paralegal. They married 8 years later and returned to Ghana for their honeymoon.

A year later, Yeboah was summoned back to Africa to take the throne as King of the Ntaheras of the Ashantis, to which he was entitled through his mother’s lineage. In November of 2007, Mr. & Mrs. Kordie left for Ghana and returned to America as Nana Yeboah Kordie, I (Ntahera Kyidomhene) and Nana Akua Afriyiye (Ntahera Kyidomhemaa), King & Queen of the Ntaheras of the Ashanti ethnicity in Ghana, West Africa.

The Queen is President of Dr. Sheila Newton Psychology Professional Corporation in Beverly Hills, CA; Chief Executive Officer of Human Health Education League Programs (HHELP), a Non-Governmental Organization in Ghana, West Africa, and the USA; and President of Chain of Humanity in Beverly Hills. She is currently pursuing non-profit Status for HHELP, USA, and Chain of Humanity.

The Queen’s royal duties include creating and establishing programs to support and uplift Ghanaians by providing job opportunities, education, training and greater awareness for the prevention and treatment of HIV & AIDS, focusing in the northern section of Ghana, where currently they have no support at all. Her life mission is to advocate for women and children’s rights to be uplifted out of poverty, to become productive members of society, and to promote and enhance self-esteem. She will start with Ghana and Korea.

In September 2008, she traveled back to Seoul for the first time in over 50 years to be interviewed on the Korean Broadcasting System TV Show in hopes of being reunited with her Birth Mother. She visited and fell in love with Angel’s Haven Orphanage and promised to help sponsor them. The Queen is impassioned to help single mothers, mixed race and disabled children, to advocate for their fair and humane treatment and to change social views on discrimination. She will be meeting with government officials to discuss and effect change in the way minorities are still being treated in Korean society. She is currently completing her autobiography, which will soon be ready for publishing.